Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Foot Care?
Medical Foot Care is done by a qualified health professional, in our case, nurses! Our team has had extensive training in foot and lower limb care so that we can assist you in achieving optimal foot health.

What is included in a Medical Foot Care appointment?

During your visit we will address all your foot related concerns. We will treat corns, calluses, thick nails, fungal nails, ingrown nails, dry skin & more. Our treatments are all waterless meaning we do not soak you feet. This is due to a few different reasons that we will happily go over during your treatment. We end each treatment with a foot scrub, hot towels, foot rub and nail oil leaving your feet silky smooth.  We will give you our professional recommendations for products that can assit with at home maintenance, recommened other treatments that may be sutiable for your needs, as well as create an individualized care plan to help you achieve or maintain optimal foot health. Any concerns we are unable to address during your visit we make sure  to refer to the appropriate health care professional for further assessment and treatment. 

What is a Medi Pedi?

Our Medi Pedi (Medical Pedicure) is unlike any other pedicure in Windsor Essex County keeping your foot health top of mind!

** We use a technique that is unique to our clinic while applying polish that invloves ZERO cross contamination. We NEVER double dip into our polish bottles. Our Medi Pedi .**

A Medi Pedi treatment includes all that a Medical Foot Care treatment involves, with the addition of beautiful polish. A true marriage of healthy and gorgeous feet! We carry a stunning range of OPI polishes for you tochoose from before entering our private treatment rooms.

Do I need a referral? 
Our treatments do not require a referral however you may require a doctor's note for insurance purposes. 

Do I need to have a medical condition to have Medical Foot Care?
NO! Medical Foot Care is for everyone. We have a wide patient profile that consists of young healthy children to elderly patients diagnosed with the most complex needs. 

Are your services covered under OHIP?
Unfortunately OHIP stopped covering Medical Foot Care years ago and they no longer cover our treatments.

Will my insurance benefits cover your Treatments?
Most insurance companies cover our medical treatments. We currently accept payment from our clients as the time of service and you can submit to your provider for reimbursement. You will need to check with your insurer for more details on your specific plan coverage. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I have an ingrown toenail, do I need surgery?
NO!! Over the years foot care treatments have developed extensively. We offer a PAINLESS treatment that allows your nail to regain its natural shape to fix and avoid recurrent ingrown nails. This treatment is called ONYFIX. Head over to our "treatments'' page to learn more about this treatment. 

I think I have toenail fungus, do you treat this?
We DO! Fungal infections are one of the easiest infections to contract and one of the hardest to cure. We offer a new, proven drug free treatment called TOEFX. To learn more head over to our "treatment" page.